Saturday 8 October 2011


Last night I had friends stop by for dinner and a sleepover.  I made a wonderful pasta dinner with sauce.  The sauce included roasted onions and tomotoes, garlic, grated carrots, celery, mini-tomotoes from the garden, fresh basil, red pepper, sundried tomatoe and zucchini.  My friend was amazed that everything was made from scratch.  I sometimes forget that not everyone knows how to whip up a healthy and delicious supper using fresh ingredients.  This is something I'm good at, and I can start and finish the whole process including sausage, garlic bread, pasta, and sauce in a half hour.  Of course it helps I have a box of fresh veggies delivered once a week, so I have the farmer to thank who takes care of the veggies before they get to me.

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