Friday 16 September 2011

Early Mornings

We deliberately woke before 6 am this morning so we could take part in a community breakfast benefiting high school bands, that also included some really great music.  Our son, wearing bunny ears and his spiderman blanket, loved the music and the pancake breakfast. 

Getting him to put a jacket on to walk to school was another question.  I had to wonder why my insistence he put it on and his insistence it not go on were equally important to each of us.  In the end I heard myself explain that I am much older than he is and therefore know better.  But in fact, at four he probably does know if he is cold or not.  So why fight with him?  He sounds as if he is coming down with a cold, and I was worried it would get worse if he didn't keep warm. So perhaps he is fighting against my worrying over him, and I am fighting to keep coddling him while I can.

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